Monday, February 6, 2012

Quiet Time.

The farm side of things is pretty quiet these days. We said goodbye to the goats back in January and have been missing all that fresh milk. Marty's brother actually offered to let us keep the goats, and whatever babies were to come this spring, but the idea of starting a herd is just more than we can take on right now. I think that in a few years we actually will start a small herd for milk and cheese, and we will teach our little ones to help with the farm chores.

With the unusually warm winter weather this year I feel like we should be getting ready to plant; however, we still have a good 2 months before that will happen. I did notice that our daffodil bulbs tried to start shooting up in our last batch of warm days. Everything is just a little bit confused. I am hoping that the asparagus and rhubarb plants don't try to come too early. I would rather miss out on a few flowers than some fresh vegetables.

With all this quiet time, I am doing a lot of planning for the spring and summer. The girls will be old enough to spend more time in the garden with me this year, and the baby will be small enough to pack around for longer periods of time. So long as the weather cooperates, we should have a fairly successful year. As I'm watching all our canned and frozen foods from last year move off the pantry shelves and out of the freezer drawer, I am eager to get growing new foods to replace them. I'm really falling in love with the cyclical movement of gardening and preserving. And, hopefully, I'll get a little bit better with each go around.

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